The key objective of the project is to develop Tourism and Hospitality Economics with English as a Foreign Lg specialization with an innovative practice-oriented approach to teaching based on a simulation method. An additional course in professional Eng. will improve students’ language competence and increase competitiveness on the labor market.

The results of the focus group research conducted by PWSZ in 2012 among employers showed necessity to develop practical education and to improve the graduates’ foreign lg competence.It was demonstrated that 38 secondary schools in theTarnów region offer courses in tourism& hospitality, educating potential students of the new specialization. It was established that no university in the region offers tuition-free study in the field.The specialization responds to the real needs of the target groups, preparing them to work for tourism& hospitality companies or to start own business,eg. farm tourism.

Another aim is to improve the quality of education by developing the academic staff competence (exchange of experiences with the partner) and improving the university’ facilities by establishing a tourism enterprise simulation lab which will expand the educational offer based on innovative practice-oriented approach to teaching. Further objectives of the project include developing a study programme for the new specialization, co-operating with business through funding internships.

The project will also enhance the university’s chances to meet the socio-economic challenges, contribute to its development and an increase in the number of students. It should be noted that providing practice-oriented study courses is a statutory obligation of vocational colleges.The project will also support achieving joint objectives,i.e. consultation on study programmes development, students/teaching staff mobility and a joint conference .The beneficiaries of the project are students, teaching staff, the university(new facilities) and local community.