Høgskolen i Lillehammer/ Lillehammer University College , Norway

hil_logo_godLillehammer University College (LUC) is an institution with a long tradition as education provider and is part of the Norwegian public higher education system. LUC is situated in beautiful surroundings in central eastern Norway just outside the city of Lillehammer and has approximately 4200 students and an academic and administrative staff of 330 employees. Increasing student mobility and developing innovative study programmes, which would contribute to the region’s development are among important university‘s objectives.

LUC’s academic range is wide including undergraduate programmes in Travel and Tourism, Business Administration, Organisation and Management, Sports Science, Film and Television, The Norwegian Film School, Health and Social Work, Humanities and Social Sciences.

At graduate level LUC offers master’s studies in Education, Social Policy, Health and Social Work for Children and Youth, Social Welfare and Film and TV Science.

The part of courses are taught in English in order to make the study programmes available to students from other countries. Another advantage is the fact that the university is situated in a region with a highly developed tourist and hospitality infrastructure, connected especially with winter sports, which allows to enrich the educational offer with practical experience.

Key staff : Christian Hustad Krogh – Assistant Professor in Economics of Tourism



Mo og Øyrane vidaregåande skule / Mo and Oyrane Vocational School, Norway

25 Moy logo farger kvit bakgrunn utan ramme A3Mo and Oyrane Vocational School  offers a wide range of educational possibilities for youth in the age group 16 – 19, such as design and textiles, Design and crafts, Media and communication, Art and design, Agriculture, Fishing and forestry. Institutional capacity comprises of 40 highly educated teachers, 10 skilled workers running the farm and about 20 skilled workers occupied in cleaning, food making and managing the boarding section of the school. Mo and Oyrane Vocational School  has long experience in managing international projects, mostly within the Leonardo project system, but also well acquainted with the NordPlus programme and North-South co-operation.

Key staff: Trygve Jacobsen – director and Kiell Klopstad – vice director

 Role of partner institutions:

  1. Cooperation on the development of a study programme for the specialisation ”Tourism and Hospitality Economics  with the English Language” , sharing experience in this respect.
  2. Participation of Norwegian students and academic staff in a student research societies conference organized by State Higher Vocational School in Tarnow.
  3. Coordination of two visits of Polish students and academic staff in Norway, which aim at sharing experience, taking part in lectures, visiting tourist and hospitality companies
  4. Promotion of the project in Norway and dissemination of its results – contributing to the project’s website.
  5. Participation of Norwegian students in a joint educational project.
  6. Delivering lectures in English by Norwegian teachers.